Hello I'm Maja!

I'm the bossmom behind Urban Beachbum! We are a full time YouTube family of five, who homeschools, travels as much as we can, and is striving to learn what we can about creating a positive mindset and live the life of our dreams! 


I've always been quite the dreamer and entrepreneur, my parents couldn't figure out why I couldn't just pick one interest and settle down. Why I was always chasing different interests and passions, why I was always learning about new things. They thought I was flakey and unable to commit. I never fully fit into cliques, nor did I ever want to stick to one single career path no matter how stable and promising it was. I've always felt as if there are bigger and better adventures out there for me!

If you're feeling a bit out of place and anxious, if you're trying to figure out how to make your dreams become a reality this just may be the place for you! I'm passionate about helping to inspire others to live life on their terms. I want to teach others what I know about marketing, social media, YouTube, the law of attraction and any other idea that may help you achieve your dream life! Plus I love to share what's happening in our life of homeschooling, our YouTube channel and my one lifelong love of travel!

I can't wait to share this amazing journey with you!


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